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Are you ready for a leap into eternity?
Truth is calling, are you open to listen?

Meditation Intensive
Meditation and satsang are at the heart of Neeraja’s teachings.
In the programs she leads, one discovers her unique meditation technique and benefits from her deep realization of the nature of life.
This creates a strong foundation for the transformative work she is calling in each one of us: awakening to our real nature, who we truly are.

Through the practice of meditation, teachings, guided meditations and dialogues, the Meditation Intensive is an invitation to abandon any form of conflict within ourselves, with our lives and the world around us and dive into the wholeness of one’s being.

Satsang (revelation of truth) is happening spontaneously in her events and is a profound transformative force that attracts the aspirant to that fire of freedom that gets ignited.

In essence this Meditation Intensive represents a chance ‘to stop and create space’, a precious opportunity to get in touch with the depths of our own being.
The benefits are immense for both beginners, advanced meditators and whoever has a pull to discover life beyond appearances.

Meditation teacher
Direct disciple of Sri H.W.L Poonja (Papaji), she lived in India in her Master’s residence till his passing away.
Since more than 20 years, she leads Meditation Retreats and Intensives, Satsangs, and Inner Development Courses.

Neeraja’s biography
Born in Italy, Neeraja is a simple and joyful being who dedicated her life to the discovery of Truth.

In childhood, she had a strong mystic passion, which made her often fall into deep silence and quietness, in contemplation of inner light and peace. At the age of 24, once completed her higher education in Rome, she went to India looking for a spiritual master.

For many years, she followed the eminences of the Tibetan Buddhism,
such as Kalu Rinpoche and the Dalai Lama, practicing the highest Tibetan teaching
in Himalayan monasteries.
At the same time, she was fascinated by natural healing arts, including Tibetan medicine and Reiki that she first studied in depth and then taught throughout the USA and Europe.
During her traveling all over India in the search of a master, she had the opportunity to meet and come close to enlightened beings such as
Sri J. Krishnamurti, Annamalai Swami, Yogi Ram Surat Kumar and others.

Finally, in 1991, she found her Master: Sri H.W.L. Poonjaji (Papaji),
direct disciple of the great sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. Papaji invited her to stay in his house in Lucknow, where she deepened
the realization of her true nature day after day.
Right there she received the name ‘Neeraja’ whose meaning is ‘lotus flower’,
‘the one who is undisturbed, unperturbed, untouched’.
In the house of the Master, she offered him years of service in deep gratitude for the immense grace received.

Papaji himself once stated, while referring to her,: ‘She will bring joy to the world’.

In 1997, once the Master left his body, Neeraja returned back to the West.
Her unconditioned love towards all beings, the peace radiating by her presence, as well as her inborn disposition to share joy, naturally brought her on the path of spiritual teaching.

Nowadays, she teaches at the Meditation Center which she herself founded in 1997,
the Sri Papaji Center, where students have the precious opportunity to attend
satsang meetings, meditation courses, intensives and meditation retreats.

She is also traveling abroad and leads meditation retreats and meditation intensives in many countries in Europe, Japan, Canada, India.

The Four Levels of Meditation
Level 1
We will start, by exploring inside ourself, to discover that meditation is already spontaneously happening.

Level 2
This level teaches how to stop the mental chattering that takes away the attention from the present moment and what does it really mean to.not indulge into this habit.

Level 3
In this level we will penetrate into the realm of direct perception, free from all the self built ideas and concepts.
In meditation one realizes the immense amount of energy wasted in mental chattering and imagination.

Level 4
We will dive into the depths of Meditation, beyond the known, beyond time and space.
Meditation is the spontaneous and joyous flow of consciousness.

During the course (intensive) there will be moments dedicated to teaching, periods of meditation, guided meditation and exercises based on awareness.The afternoon will be dedicated to dialogues, questions and answers.

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