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Meditation Retreat in Italy
May 22-30 2020

“Meditation is to stop hiding in the bushes of thoughts and attachments and burn them, instead, in the fire of freedom.

Everybody likes to hide in these bushes.
Meditation teaches you to be attached only to this moment.

All disturbances comes from holding something other than your true nature.
By holding attachments to transient things you are declaring to yourself that you are not the fullness in which all is.

Self is totality and therefore cannot possess or desire.
Possessing is a veil, a lie!”

The Meditation Retreat includes:
Four days Meditation Retreat in Shanti Gaia, Neeraja’s Meditation Center, on the hills of Rome.

Three days in the footsteps of saints and sages immersed in the silence of the mountains and medieval villages.

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