Project Description

Nestled in the Apennines mountains, overlooking the ‘sacred valley of St Francis’ stands Brindavan Residence: an ancient country house of the XVIII century which originally was
a barn belonging to the Benedictine monks of the nearby St Salvatore Abbey.
One is easily captured by the beauty and deep silence of the place.

Our intention is to renovate Brindavan with an innovative ecosustainable architecture, in harmony with the surrounding environment: an alchemy between advanced high technology,
traditionalism and simplicity of nature.

Brindavan will also be the head office of “Mother Earth Wise Energy” (MEWE), an environmental project born to protect nature and expand individual and collective consciousness to respect and nurture our planet.
Meditation, yoga, conferences on innovative medicine, advanced education for children and parents, music concerts, local biodynamic
products cooked by starred chefs, integration of ecosustainable infrastructures in natural environment. These are some of the activities that will take place in Brindavan.


Our vision is to offer a place where the most inspired, truthful, courageous leaders of different walks of life come together to genuinely explore, discover and bring forth the possibilities that gets created when we place ourselves at the service of the wellbeing of the humanity at large and of planet earth.

The means is a total involvement, that no longer comes from the limits of our past experiences, knowledge and agendas, but emerges instead from being totally rooted in the present moment.

We intend to offer a platform that allows us to discover that when they are shared: collective wisdom, skills, talents, resources of many … opens up to a field of infinite possibilities.

From this space of ONENESS many initiatives, partnerships and collaborations will spontaneously spring forth.

Brindavan Project is an invitation and a facilitating emergence in incredible ways, for each of us to find our own unique expression in harmony with the contemplation of what we really are: One.

Where each of us can contribute to the realization of heaven on earth and can sincerely open ourselves to this incredible gift that is life.
The willingness to take responsibility and create a reality which is in tune with and reflects our true nature: Oneness.

Quando un essere umano è in pace con se stesso, le sue azioni sono in sintonia con l’esistenza e non agisce più da una consapevolezza divisa e limitata.

La meditazione apporta questa pace e lo stato di consapevolezza indivisa. Questa è l’essenza di ogni attività che si terrà a Brindavan.

We intend to propose Brindavan as a center for the recovery of abandoned territories afflicted by depopulation. The aim is to keep alive local memories and traditions, through the collection of crafts in danger of extinction – but still present as the shepherd and the woodcutter – and the restoration of old abandoned farm equipment in the area, and make them available in a special exhibition space, at the service of collective memory and the development of conscious innovation..

Brindavan will be the “headquarters” of an environmental project that we have just begun: protecting the surrounding forests and beyond. The project extends from bio-architecture to renewable energy, from sustainable environmental management policies, to cutting-edge equipment for rehabilitating and reconstructing the ecosystem, to various environmental awareness and educative initiatives

In order to promote the multidimensional awakening of being, Brindavan will be the venue for courses, conferences, meetings and debates on various topics: from humanistic to environmental, from medical-scientific to biotechnological … also allowing space to activities that cultivate spontaneous motor skills, cognitive, affective and relational qualities, through direct contact with nature and the knowledge of the fundamental principles of life.

In particular, it will be proposed an advanced person-centred medicine that even if using the latest technologies, will be respecting the natural selfhealing abilities of the body.
The practice of yoga, as well as the support of osteopathy, reiki and innovative biotechnologies will be coordinated to nourish a deep sense of existence, the awakening of awareness and the harmony between body, mind and spirit.

To lay the foundation for a future based on peace The scientists gave the test to 1,600 children. What they found may surprise you. We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down, according to NASA scientists.
As we become more emphatic in parenting and education, the inevitable result is the recalibration of the world economy into a more empathy based economy.

Many saints claim that we are what we eat.
Developing an awareness of what we eat, of the way we cook it, of the association of flavours and of the alchemy of ingredients, is fundamental for nourishing and sustaining our being.
We intend to offer an “Agri-food Center” based on food education, energy agriculture and healthy eating, where the tasting of traditional and local organic products will be delivered by starred chefs, centered on human health in the respect of the environment.

Everything is energy. Energy is vibration. And the vibration is sound.
We believe that if all of us exploit the energy of collective singing there would be no violence on this planet.
Singing has proven to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as strengthening the human connection.
Science explain why:
several neuroscientific studies show that when we sing, neurotransmitters create new and different connections; the right temporal lobe of our brain gets activated, thus releasing endorphins, which in turn, make us smarter, healthier, happier and more creative. When we sing with other people this effect is amplified.

For this, and more, the Brindavan project will offer an Auditorum in which everyone can contribute their own voice and uniqueness to compose the concert of the ONE.
Sacred chants, mantra recitations, concerts in nature, music therapy sessions are just some aspects of the musical universe we want to offer.

Thank you so much…
to have reach this point and to willingly be a part of the One.
To sustain Brindavan Project kindly send your contribution.

Please write your name:
a carved stone of the construction will be the testimony of your participation in our Project.
Thank you for being our beginning as well as our goal.