Dear friends,

We are very grateful for your interest in supporting our Meditation Center, the Sri Papaji Center. Our mission has always been to spread the teaching of Neeraja to all those who feel a resonance towards her expression of truth.
The intention is to share the teachings of Neeraja through activities that can open new sources of expression of the truth in the world.
The funds we receive will go directly to our mission and no single individual will ever be able to take advantage of them for personal purposes.

Your contribution will help us support the following current projects:

1. Brindavan Project
2. Mother Earth Wise Energy (ME-WE)

With appreciation and love,
Sri Papaji Center


Brindavan Project

Nestled in the Apennines mountains, overlooking the ‘sacred valley of St Francis’ stands Brindavan Residence: an ancient country house of the XVIII century which originally was a barn belonging to the Benedictine monks of the nearby St Salvatore Abbey. One is easily captured by the beauty and deep silence [...]