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Project Description


1) “Medicine and Meditation are actually very closemeditation is the ultimate medicine.

Medicine has a strictly scientific approach to illness of body-mind and meditation is a supreme science. 

During my time spent in the Tibetan world I have dedicated myself learning and practicing Sowa Riga, a Tibetan healing art. This science teaches that the real purpose of life is to be contented in your heart. It is a holistic body-mind medicine that makes use of very rare herbs that grow in the high Himalayas of Tibet. I have learned that by using those herbs you can become aware of how your thoughts and behaviors influence your health and happiness. This medicine teaches that all living beings are made up of energy. This wonderful healing art has been for me the stepping stone from which I started my inner journey towards liberation. I have also learned few other healing arts when I lived in the USA in San Francisco. Reiki, Counseling, Color Therapy are some of those. Reiki has been with me since 1981 and I led seminars in many parts of the world. Still today Reiki classes are happening in our Center in Rome.

‘Living with my Master, Papaji, I had the privilege to be massaging his body every day for many weeks, months and years continuously….with him, all what I had learned of medicine and healing, opened into a much broader perspective, giving space to something totally new for me at that time regarding healing: I can say in simple words… flow with the flow and never let your mind go out of your heart.

For me, that was, literally, to let the Master lead the session: total and uncompromising surrender.

It could not have been otherwise with a Master like Papaji! 

While I was living in his house, I have met many healers, among the  best in the world. They would come to the Master for awakening and also to apply their method on his body. Their unique and precious art have enriched my soul and the way to practice healing.

My experience about healing is that it is not only a therapy or a treatment. While meditating, we go deeper into ourselves and then healing can unfold into change and transformation. It will open to a higher level of consciousness, where no-one is really involved except the Supreme Power.

After decades dedicated to healing and meditation I realized that true healing sprouts when we really start to experience life without the mind interpreting, judging, and limiting us. The function of the mind is to separate one thing from another.

In meditation mind is faced with a presence, an energy that is indivisible, and the mind cannot compute. Mind can barely imagine energy, let alone deal with it. We need to take a step out of the mind and let the divine presence do what is needed.

Meditation offers a tool, a precious tool which is awareness…and we will explore this field of awareness in these days. It is through this tool that we can lift the veil of ignorance and access to the limitless supreme medicine which is to be awaken to what we truly are.

We also will explore how thoughts and intentions create sensations that can be felt in the body and how they influence our health and happiness.

The more aware we become of our intentions, by examining the feedback of our sensations, the more we recognize whether we are free or locked up in the cage of the thought process.

When you are in a stressful, negative, or contracted situation, with the aid of meditation you will learn to be still and through presence and awareness transcend all limitations; the stress will then drain out and immediately be replaced by a natural expansion that will flows through the situation.

Being free from limitations, being free from the tyranny of the mind is what opens the heart to be available to experience awakening, which is the ultimate healing.

Persevering in meditation practice day by day you may want to observe what will follow. You will notice what has begun to shift. It may be on a physical level. It may be on a mental or emotional level. It may be that a relationship has become easier or a work challenge has disappeared. By setting peace as priority in your life you will see that the benefits of meditation are truly life changing. You may notice major shifts in your consciousness and growth.

Meditation will empower you to instantly recognize contracted states and in an instant expand.

Flow with the flow will happen happily and in a natural way in your life.

In this course we will cover different levels of silence and presence…

if you respond happily we can always meet again to keep on rafting on this wonderful river that is meditation…a river of energy”

2)     “We really need to understand that in meditation we meditate and meditation means silence and that means to dive deep and merge into that silence…

the mind will not necessarily enjoy to keep quiet and will continue to offer all her most attractive items in order to catch our attention…

we have to remember that meditation is not the place in which we try to solve things out, contemplate on past and future and so many things that we get engaged in.

In our head there is story teller…he keeps on telling us stories and we get easily hijacked and loose energy in useless chattering…

We have to fire this story teller…fire the story teller…or he will enchant you, bring you in the past, in the future and in all kinds of imagination…

So we really have to understand not to give the story teller energy…meditation is not about adding fuel to fire…meditation is the time to cool down the thought process…

it’s not about trying to solve it …it’s not about even trying to analyze it…it’s a refocusing of attention… that’s really what it is…

it is just a re-focusing of attention…” 

3)     “This is the art of meditation, it means: keep going back to silence

your mind has been running wild ever since and now she will continue…she has been the boss in your house and if you don’t claim your power she will keep on pulling you here and there…so shifting from noise to silence is all you need to do. You do it by falling into the silence, falling into relaxation…

my Master used to say ‘the mind is a demon with 10 heads you cut off one head and other 9 heads will rise’…you really have to be attentive and don’t buy what the mind wants to sell you….ever…when you reach deep silence the mind will try to seduce you by saying: ‘oh this is beautiful silence’…if you listen you will jump on that train again and again…when you are in silence let yourself be taken by the silence…be the silence…

the habit to get lost in thoughts is such an old habit…you have to be very very patient and perseverant in your practice… 

4)     It is very easy to get lost in thoughts, but if you love peace, if you love freedom it will be very easy to come back to silence…

what meditation does, it allows you to open to awareness…that is a great gift.

You discover that there is much more than a simple mental and emotional life…

Initially we believe that thoughts is the only thing that is happening…but who says so? Only the ‘me’, which is a thought itself…it is the ego that thinks that what I feel and I think is the only reality there is…actually it is the only reality I know, but there is an immense field of beauty awaiting for you in this amazing love affair that is meditation….

…by and by you start to open to awareness, you start to open to this vast field of beauty and you realize how really small thought is…

…we open to the realization of what we really are, beyond the mind, beyond thought and all the concepts we have nourished about us and the world and God…

we open to the deep peace within, we open to wisdom, we open to joy and silence…

What the mind tells you may be very smart or whatever but after all it is all noise…

what you discover in the silence is a field of beauty.

The beauty that you are that and everything is.


Are you ready to strike at the root of suffering?



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