The Course of Meditation is a celebration!

We come to oxygenate body, mind, and spirit and to taste the joy of being.

All human beings are looking for happiness. Every day, underlying our every activity, including at night when we dream, the quest to be happier is ever there. But the more we search for happiness the more it eludes us.

It may seem irrational, but happiness does not depend on external factors and circumstances. It is inherent in our natural state of being.

The feeling of unhappiness, separation, and sadness are projections of the mind and are not real. Unfortunately we live in this illusory atmosphere of thoughts, sometimes even for all life long.

When these projections disappear, we instantly find ourselves happy again.

We are conditioned to believe that we need to become something before we can be happy. It’s precisely this concept of becoming that keeps us imprisoned in misery.

Meditation offers us a light that guides us out of the fog of suffering and introduces us to the gentle waters of clarity. The simplicity  and directness of the teachings gives us the keys to the treasure chest of happiness: the understanding of how to contact it, and the means to make it last throughout our lives.

The meditation courses take place in the center of Rome, in quiet area, in a welcoming and silent hall that protects the inner journey and the state of meditative absorption.

The atmosphere is serene and quiet. We come to meditate, listen to the teachings and to clear our doubts. You can meet with all types of meditators here: some have been coming to the Center regularly for many years while others are newcomers. Calm joy pervades, and you feel at home.

Clap your hands, laugh with all your heart…

in a blink of an eye you are free!


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