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Immaculate Conception

The vergin birth is an ancient mythical expression which refers to the supreme being, unborn, beyond time. The virgin birth does not take place in time, and is not a date on the calendar. It [...]

8 December 2020|

About honesty

One of the great help I have discovered along the way, and very important to keep in mind, is to be honest with oneself. Honesty is a great help and a very good spiritual practice. [...]

13 February 2020|

What is Peace?

What is Peace? Peace is not enjoying pleasure, in absence of problems, untouched by pain. Peace is not just an absence of problems enjoying pleasures without any pain. It is not gained by realizing desires [...]

27 May 2019|

Dream and Reality

Your mind is dreaming and you are taking it to be real. Everyone is doing the same thing. All these mental worlds are colliding with each other. No wonder we don’t get along very well. [...]

14 January 2019|

Saranagati Song

Here is a beautiful song of surrender to the Master. Composed by a devotee of Sri Ramana, Manavanasi Ramaswami. “You are our only refuge, oh Master. To whom could we turn if not to [...]

15 November 2018|

I am Liberation

When you really look closely, you may discover that the ‘you’, you believe to be, your idea of you, has no existence at all. There is no ‘me’ and what you discover is that ‘what [...]

25 October 2018|


Awakening is a re-orientation. The awaken state is always present, it is our real permanent nature. What spoils the game and deny us the conscious experience of the awaken state is a deviation of subjectivity [...]

4 October 2018|

Truth is simple

Lord Buddha was once asked by a man, "What form of meditation do your monks use?” Buddha responded, "We sit. We walk. We eat.” The man said, "We all sit, walk and eat!” Buddha replied, [...]

16 August 2018|
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