The vergin birth is an ancient mythical expression which refers to the supreme being, unborn, beyond time.
The virgin birth does not take place in time, and is not a date on the calendar.
It is the description of every human birth.

The virgin or virginity is purity, that which is immaculate, genuine, authentic.
The true virgin who bears these characteristics is the spirit.

The virgin birth is the creation that takes place in the spiritual realm. It represents the unmanifest potentiality, the thought is its very very pure form…not yet thought, in its highest essential state.

The virgin birth is the power, the essence that stimulates creation in the spiritual, mental and physical realms.
Accessing that essence is our sadhana, our aim.

The heavenly state, the transcendental state is the state beyond time and space.
Meditation is opening to this dimension.
Daily practice frees us from time, mental conditionings, personal convictions so we can be absorbed into pure silence.

Suddenly, it may happen that the primordial state, the emptiness, the mystery opens up.

It is like if a door opens in consciousness, and puff!!, you suddenly see everything from a totally new perspective, the heart opens, there is an immense sense of joy and an intense sense of connection with everything, with the all creation.
We have entered into the transcendental state.

A ray of light penetrates our mind… descends and take form… incarnates in us…
It is the flame of truth, the fire that burns all illusion,
the knowledge that rips apart the veil of time and space.

This is the meaning of the virgin birth:
the glory of being incarnates… takes on a human form… the emptiness takes shape. The void becomes form!

We are divine beings manifested here and now in human forms.

We are born from the male and female opposites, mother and father who united and produce an incarnated creature, animated with spirit and full of spirit.

Even though we are still caught up in a form, more or less blinded with ignorance, we are also eternal beings, we are unborn, beyond birth and death and beyond the pairs of opposite.

Today we celebrate the Immaculate Conception in the form of the Virgin Mary and we pray singing our praise to Her.

Hari Om