What is Peace?

Peace is not enjoying pleasure, in absence of problems, untouched by pain.

Peace is not just an absence of problems enjoying pleasures without any pain.

It is not gained by realizing desires and avoiding worries.

True peace is inner joy, free from the excitement of any ‘cup of champagne’.

It is a very open, effortless state in which you know that you are supremely contented and profoundly fulfilled.

Even if you stumble upon it just once, it will leave inside an indelible mark.

In that moment you will realize that it is what you have always been searching, in the name of happiness.

In that peace no-one is involved. There is no ‘me’ nor ‘you’ in that state of stillness.

It is untouched by any presence or absence of objects. It is unperturbed.

It is effortless deep silence. It is unfathomable. It is indescribable.

It is joy that has no object.

Hari Om Neeraja