When you really look closely, you may discover that the ‘you’,
you believe to be, your idea of you, has no existence at all.
There is no ‘me’ and what you discover is that ‘what you are’,
‘what the I is’, is non existing.
And that is the truth!

‘I’ is a mirage. Therefore ‘I’ can never get ‘Liberation’.
How can a mirage possess anything?
It is the ‘me’ that wants to keep his own spurious identity
and keeps on affirming such a lie.

As we learn from the great masters, ‘Liberation’ is actually just a tool
to let go of the constant chattering of the mind…all the notions we hold
so dearly.

Liberation is to really, absolutely, let go
of all what we ‘imagine’ to be and that is all,
and that can happen in an instant of time…and for instant of time
is meant in ‘no-time’.

The truth is that there is no ‘me’ at all, never was and never will be.
How can a ‘me’ exist in the ‘no-time’ in which to last,
since time is but a notion in mind?

There is no ‘me’ to get free of any bondage or to be enlightened or to
be awaken from any dream.
The truth is that bondage, dream and liberation are all illusions…
self fabricated notions of the ‘me’ which was never born.

The qualification to ‘comprehend’ the truth is to ‘step out of the way’
and let the intuitive direct seeing shine through
like the sun emerging behind the clouds.

We are the sun and there is no ‘me’
that needs to dissipate the clouds to see the sun, to reach the sun.
It is the sun that dissipate the clouds
and enlighten ‘me’
without ‘me’ even knowing that ‘I’ am there.

Freedom cannot exist as an object at all,
and ‘me’ cannot have it,
it is

‘what I am’.

Hari Om