Namaste – August 1

4 August 2020|

The natural state is supreme knowledge. If the seeker ask, ‘what is light, what is liberation?’, the teacher gives a method, such as meditation. Meditation is not intellectual, but starts [...]

Namasté – July 4

28 July 2020|

To comunicate we need to find a kind of communication that dissolves any other kind of communication. We need to meet where thinking does not want to think anymore. To rest in that impossibility [...]

Namaste – July 3

21 July 2020|

Meditation is a shift beyond the mind. To evolve in a dimension of consciousness where the experience of the ‘me’ that lives imprisoned in space and time is dissolved into the void.   There [...]

Namaste – July 2

15 July 2020|

Silence has to become the priority in our life, and everything else we do should never limit our aspiration to the Real. It all becomes so simple when we fall [...]

Namaste – June 2

9 June 2020|

Having trouble finding the ‘off’ switch? Yes, thoughts keep coming. The more you try not to think, the more aversion arises. And the more you try not to have divisive [...]

Namaste – June 4

2 June 2020|

Meditation teaches how not to derive any identity from thought or feeling, leaving every thing spontaneously fall into it’s natural rhythm and function. Nothing will no longer imprison or disturb [...]