Namaste – May 4

26 May 2020|

Meditation is about to disidentify not disassociate. To disidentify is to drop any and all attachment and personal identification with thought, while to disassociate is to push thought away and [...]

Namaste – May 3

19 May 2020|

Osservatore, osservato, osservazione… deponi ogni resistenza e tutto svanisce e solo l’occhio di Dio è ciò che rimane. Nella semplicità dell’essere c’è innocenza e vulnerabilità… […]

Namaste – May 1

5 May 2020|

Past is memory. Future is supposition. The present is already gone even before we can apperceive it. The only real present is ‘presence’ and that must be what we are. [...]

Namaste – April 3

21 April 2020|

Dive deep into silence, where there is no willingness to cherish ideas, images and personal opinions. Here, where all is quiet, everything gets extinguished before it rises. This is meditation. [...]