Namaste – April 2

13 April 2021|

Surrendering the ego is possible only when spiritual strength is predominant. If our aspiration to truth is real, if we don’t keep on nourishing any phony interest, and if we [...]

Namaste – April 1

6 April 2021|

When we turn towards truth, meditation becomes crystal clear. Silence holds a sparkling, unbounded secret coming directly from grace. Meditation is not about ease and comfort. It is not about consoling, excusing or redeeming [...]

Happy Holi!

29 March 2021|

Happy Holi! The celebration of Holi is an expression of joy. When we all spray ourselves with powder of colors all distinctions disappear… we all look alike… all stained… 😁 Immersed in colors the [...]

Namaste – March 2

8 March 2021|

The flow of thoughts dissolves, into the silent ocean of undivided essence, no trace left. Letting go any shadow of wanting to reach anywhere… penetrate deep, into the inner temple [...]

Namaste – March 1

1 March 2021|

True listening is an art. Listening is being totally receptive, totally sensitive. Penetrating the subtlest layers of consciousness up to the point where everything stops… only deep listening is there. [...]