Namasté September 1

5 September 2023|

Don't try to change the dream. The more you fuss around the more you get attached to the dream itself. Look at the dream, observe it, be present. It is in the awareness that you [...]

Namasté August 2

31 August 2023|

Why hesitate?Every doubt, uncertainty, wavering creeps infrom the ‘me’.But…this ‘me’ where does it really comes from? Neeraja

Namaste August 1

9 August 2023|

How could one ever realize that ‘all is illusion’ and that he himself is a character of the same dream?The mind who thinks, ‘Life is a dream’ has no separare existence; that thought can only [...]

Namasté July 2

25 July 2023|

Remove the veil.The mental stories, the rooted beliefs, ideas, are the veil which hides the truth of immediacy and perfect stillness. Neeraja

Namasté June1

23 June 2023|

Healing happens in an open heart, it is a gift of love. Really it is love that can heal anything, love is that intimate whisper that knows that all is okey… it is okey [...]

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