When I came back to the West from my Master’s home, I found myself faced with a world that I thought to know well, but that in reality was everything other than the one I had left behind.

I saw the worldly dream that was oppressing people everywhere, and I saw many tormented by it. It took years of reorientation for me to be awake even while remaining in the dream.

Some people approached with open hearts, and I could feel the force coming out and flooding into their eyes, where I was able to see only “myself”, the same “I”,  the only Self.

Experiences of immersion into the abyss beyond the known came about spontaneously, transcending time for those who surrendered to the moment.

Many were attracted, and yet only a few were able to drop every weight and be absorbed into blissful peace without immediately begging for another “dose”.

Pretty soon it became clear that bringing happiness to the world doesn’t mean washing other people’s dirty laundry. Instead, it’s about bringing them a method that can lead them to truly live in happiness as happiness itself.

Papaji was often asked why after experiencing the absolute, blissful peace, after having experienced spiritual awakening, one comes back to identify with the relative. Papaji simply responded:

“I can give you the experience of enlightenment, but I don’t have the glue.”

“I can give you the experience
of enlightenment,
but I don’t have the glue.”

How do you do it?

The Master said that an experience of awakening is possible, but does anyone actually want to remain glued to emptiness, to truth? Does anyone know how?

And that’s precisely what presented itself clearly before my eyes:

“How do you do it?”

The encounters, the immersions in emptiness, in bliss, were such a daily occurrence, so continuous, that many were fascinated by them. But then the effect of the mystical magic wore off since it wasn’t supported by the maturity of living in freedom.

How can you help others live in uninterrupted peace?

What I had learned and practiced in the presence of the Master came to my aid: “Sravana, mañana, nidhidyasana”: hearing the truth, reflecting on the truth, dwelling in truth.

Through listening and reflection a spiritual awakening can happen, you can sweep away dense clouds of the illusory “I”, but then there’s a need for “purification”,  supported by the profound absorption in silence, the most powerful purifying force of them all.

Remain there, with an open heart, with courage, and transcendence will manifest. Purification is indispensable, and without absorption in silence, in eternity, it is difficult if not impossible to face time and conquer it.

…he asked me:
“Why have you come?” and I answered:
“To look for enlightenment, Papaji”

The ocean

There is the ocean and there are the waves. The waves feel dissatisfied and are confused, so they go looking for happiness and satisfaction.

They heard that such a thing as “ocean” exists and that if they find it they will be happy forever. So they set out to look for it.

The more they look, the more they create separation and the farther they go from the ocean, and in this sense the search can be a trap. But if the wave, the sense of a separate “I”, starts to follow a methodology, if it sticks to the instructions given by the teacher, if it starts to open up to the awareness of being, the wave will find the ocean.

And when will this happen?

When the wave intimately understands what it means to be quiet, when it stops chasing after the idea of the “ocean” and returns to itself, it will recognize that it is water!

The wave is water, the wave is the ocean… the separation is only in the mind!

Meditation is a formidable tool that teaches us to look into the depths, into the idea of separation that has created infinite problems and continues to confuse us.

Meditation reveals the ocean of peace in all its fullness and makes us realize that we are the ocean, that we are peace, that we are silence.