A simple and profound technique that uses the hands to channel vital energy.

The touch is light and acts on an energetic level, often without any physical contact.

What it is

Originally from Tibet and rediscovered in Japan in the last century by a Christian monk – Dr. Mikao Usui, professor at Kyoto University – Reiki is a technique that is as immediate as it is natural, and that helps us rebalance and renew our sense of physical and mental well-being.

Reiki is a term or more accurately a Japanese ideogram that means “vital force of universal energy”: REI is the universal energy behind the motion of the planets, the shining of the stars, the movement of the oceans, the blossoming of flowers, and so on, while KI is the individual energy present in each living being, whether human or animal, plant or rock.

Reiki is neither a religion nor a concept, but just the awareness of our own energy, our birthright, aimed at the achievement of inner harmony as well as physical and mental well-being.

Extremely simple and yet powerful, Reiki is transmitted when the practitioner places hands on specific points of the recipient’s body and applies light pressure.The recipient experiences a sensation of gentle, pleasant, and intense heat, capable of unblocking the deepest tensions and channeling new energy into the organism. This vital and universal energy sets off a process of total rebalancing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Practicing Reiki makes us more alive, more energetic, more positive, more open to allowing the vital energy to liberate us from the illusory sense of separation from everything else. It helps us gain the awareness of being one with the universe, just like a wave is the ocean itself.

“All there is, is energy”

Its effects

Using Reiki regularly, we can control and eventually rid ourselves of the harmful habits that ordinarily govern our lives. It relaxes us on a deeply profound level, permitting the body to activate its innate tendency to be balanced.

Physical benefits: Relaxes, slows the process of aging, detoxes and revitalizes the tissues. It can help us overcome fluid retention, joint pain, muscular tension and physical tension in general, both acute and chronic. It optimizes the function of the vital organs and the related.

Psychological benefits: Revitalizes and promotes happiness, calm, mental clarity, resistance to stress, and communicative and creative capacity. Can contribute to the resolution of ingrained emotional trauma, and also reduces tiredness, insomnia, and agitation.

How to learn it

Reiki can be learned by receiving “attunements” given by a Reiki master in level I, II, and III trainings in which the activation of energy is transmitted.

Level I makes the body receptive to accepting and consenting to the energetic circulation of the vital force. There is an increasing of energy that restores cells, nerves tissues and organs.

Level II increases the vibrational force of the energy so that it acts not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional and mental level. A soft present and tangible peace gets ignited.

Level III makes the student a master through a powerful initiation that allows him/her to also activate others. It is the conclusion of the precious circle of the universal energy. The soul awakens to its own mission and gets in alignment with God’s plan.

“First you have to decide that you want to free yourself from suffering and pain. Without this intention nothing can work.”

“The purpose of life is to live in peace, loving everything that surrounds you and to know who you truly are.”

You are light.


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