The Course of Meditation is a celebration! We come to oxygenate body, mind, and spirit and to taste the joy of being. All human beings are looking for happiness. Every day, underlying our every activity, including at night when we dream, the quest to be happier is ever there. But the more we search for happiness the more it eludes us. It may seem irrational, but happiness does not depend on external factors and circumstances. It is inherent in our natural state of being. The feeling of unhappiness, separation, and sadness are projections of the mind and are not real. Unfortunately we live in this illusory atmosphere of thoughts, sometimes even for all life long. Continue

Meditation Retreat is an invitation to explore the depths of our being and free ourselves from the tyranny of the mind.The Retreat offers a space to step back from daily life and embark on the greatest journey there is: the journey toward your own Self.Find out WHO YOU ARE, beyond mind and personality, and let the love story begin.The Retreat is a field of beauty in which you realize that absolute peace is the Absolute itself, in its absolute realization.Be what you are, that which you can never not be. Continue

When Papaji was still a child, his mother, an ardent devotee of Krishna, regularly organized kirtan evenings in their home with her friends and other devotees. Papaji used to participate and would go into ecstasy throughout the evening and often all night long.Singing was part of everyday life also in the House of the Master in Lucknow.Papaji loved very much to sing and also to listen to the songs coming from the heart.In his House, Papaji often would teach me and other girls the bhajans he loved the most, all in Hindi language. Then we would sing them during his satsang. Continue

Satsang is searching the way back home and finding out that we have never far from home. When we abandon every false idea we realize that even holding onto the right ideas doesn’t bring us anywhere. Satsang is simply letting go of imagining. It is offered as an invitation to see everything as rays of the same sun, the sun of awareness.The apparent entity, whether we call it ‘me’ or ‘I’ or or ‘ego’, is seen for what it is: a simple thought, a ray of awareness, without any independent existence. Realizing the absurdity that the ‘I-thought’ is the one conducting the show unmasks it’s dense reality, and what remains is a profound sense of well-being, the freedom from being subjected to the mental tyranny.

Originally from Tibet and rediscovered in Japan in the last century by a Christian monk – Dr. Mikao Usui, professor at Kyoto University – Reiki is a technique that is as immediate as it is natural, and that helps us rebalance and renew our sense of physical and mental well-being.Reiki is a term or more accurately a Japanese ideogram that means “vital force of universal energy”: REI is the universal energy behind the motion of the planets, the shining of the stars, the movement of the oceans, the blossoming of flowers, and so on, while KI is the individual energy present in each living being, whether human or animal, plant or rock. Continue



Namaste May

We are a beatific mass of bliss made of [...]