Meditation Retreat is an invitation to explore the depths of our being and free ourselves from the tyranny of the mind.

The Retreat offers a space to step back from daily life and embark on the greatest journey there is: the journey toward your own Self.

Find out WHO YOU ARE, beyond mind and personality, and let the love story begin.

The Retreat is a field of beauty in which you realize that absolute peace is the Absolute itself, in its absolute realization.

Be what you are, that which you can never not be.

There is a story about a lion who was adopted by donkeys and was conditioned to believe that he was a donkey. One day he met another lion who brought him to the river and showed him his reflection in the water.

When the donkey-lion saw that he was a lion he started to roar and was overjoyed to claim his birthright.

This is the story of each one of us. We are all lions, but we believe ourselves to be donkeys. We veil our real nature and our inner strength with a false image of what we believe ourselves to be.

The Retreat is an excellent vehicle for setting out on the way home, letting go of every false image, and discovering and affirming our real strength.

It’s time to roar!


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