One of the great help I have discovered along the way, and very important to keep in mind, is to be honest with oneself.

Honesty is a great help and a very good spiritual practice.
Honesty is not perfection. It is about not cherishing false values and false ways.

Openness of mind and honesty is integrity, loyalty, sincerity, it allows the transparency of our feelings and emotions. We follow these universal virtues, refraining from unhealthy actions towards ourselves and others.

Honesty is to be able to see the false as false and abandon it.
It is to stop seeing only the faults of others and start to acknowledge our own weaknesses and mistakes.
To stop seeing through the lenses of egotism and start to appreciate what is right even if we cannot fully stand for it.
At least we must know what is right…we must be wiling to acknowledge the truth and that is honesty.

There are times we would like to be honest but, because of fear of consequences, we control ourselves and, we follow instead, the old beaten tracks.
We rather choose to hide behind the bushes of half-truths, omitting to share the real and concrete facts. We are not able stand for what is right and we remain holed up in the comfort-zone.

Such behaviors can happen, just because we are humans, nevertheless we should at least, know in our heart, that we are wearing a mask and see if we can, next time, open up and go beyond our self imposed limitations.

Honesty is a beautiful quality to nourish in our heart.
It will bring many blessings in so many different dimensions of our everyday life.
If there is no honesty meditation gets stuck into the realm of endless seeking and never reaching the calm waters of fulfillment.
There is no peace where there is no freedom.

Honesty is the ax that deforested the forest of lies.
Lies that come from endless comparison.
All comparison is based on memory and memory is an image crystallized in the psiche.

Comparison is judgement, evaluation, and it is an interpretation of repressed, retained thoughts such as “this is good”, “this is not good”.

Profound understanding is realizing the truth and therefore the honest, authenticity of what we really are. By knowing what we are not -the lies- we are left with the understanding of what we are.

The Master insist on honesty which is purity of mind.
A pure mind is a mind that does not entertain concepts, imaginations, philosophies of life.

We need to remove the dust from the mirror of the mind.
The dust are ideas, pure imagination.

Inner honesty is the light that shines upon Spontaneous Meditation

Hari Om Neeraja