Awakening is a re-orientation.
The awaken state is always present, it is our real permanent nature.
What spoils the game and deny us the conscious experience
of the awaken state is a deviation of subjectivity onto a concept,
on what is unreal.

This concept is an ‘apparent’ mental object arising in consciousness.

And it is this concept called ‘individual self’, the ‘me’, that
appears to be the subject, the Self.

Until this phantasy is exposed, the subject, who we truly are,
appears to be bound, and we cannot experience it as it is in reality.

When this game is revealed and thus ‘understood’, we have to put this understanding into practice, not by thinking about it, but by experiencing it.

For a few rare beings understanding came along
the direct experience of the reality.
For the rest of us practice is a necessary prelude
to conscious experience of our reality.

However it is important to understand that there is nothing to acquire,
but only an error to be exposed, because acquiring involves ‘doing’
which strengthens that spurious ‘I’ whose dissolution is required.

This is the re-orientation needed.
Such re-orientation is the abandonment of identification
with an inexistent ‘me’, an abandonment which leaves us
opened and awake in our eternal nature.

Trying to persuade ourselves that we do not exist
as individual entities is like asking an eye to believe
that what it is looking at is not there.

In truth not only one does not exist as a separate entity:
in the all cosmos there is no separate entity,
nor there has been or will ever be.

Trying to understand this is impossible.
Only in a whole and mature mind can this knowledge be revealed
as direct cognition which, once realized, is obvious.

That is the re-orientation.

And only the ‘Total I’ remains.

Hari Om