Connection with the universe

Discriminating between
what is yours and what is mine
it’s a useless habit.
If you go on like this you will loose the way.
Everything in the universe it belongs to me, it is mine!
I Am the entire universe!

Only a free mind can understand this,
a mind that is free from the desire to possess.

It is the ‘me’ that clings to things as ‘mine’.

But while you cling to a small part,
what you are loosing is the immensity!

This is the cause of so much suffering in the world.
Why not give up, ‘your’ share and gain the infinite?

Suppose I were to move all my possessions from one room to another…
would they still all be mine? Surely yes.

Discriminating between which is ‘mine’ and ‘yours’
is like worrying over which room to put your possession.

There is no difference between this room and that room.
What matters where my things should be?
They are always mine.

We don’t have to forget that by thinking, talking and doing
we are also constantly giving to the universe.

What you need to understand is that
no matter what or where of ‘mine’ I am giving…
whatever I give, I am giving it to myself only,
it is always and only ME,
it will aways remain mine.

The free mind knows this.

The free mind knows that what you give,
you are giving to yourself
and also knows that there is nothing to worry
about possessing this or that
and holding on to what you consider your own.

The free mind knows that there is
a supreme power that governs the entire universe
and whenever something
is necessary
it will be given.

A mind that is free lives in deep connection with the entire universe
and that is peace and that is beauty.