Namaste May

2024-05-28T17:57:18+02:0028 May 2024|

We are a beatific mass of bliss made of light. Each particle of our body is made of light. Each thought, each emotion, each perception is a vibration of light. Where is the problem in particle of light? That light is presence, is intelligence, is consciousness. Neeraja

Namasté May

2024-05-16T16:59:37+02:007 May 2024|

A fleeting moment, a swift shift in perception, a suspended instant in nothingness, a pure and simple observation without conditions, and the exclamation of wonder, 'Ah! There's nobody home!’ Neeraja

Namasté March

2024-03-19T09:44:59+01:0019 March 2024|

Come back here now in this moment.Where does this moment arise from?Where does the thought arise from?If you do you will discover thatyou have always been the moment itself.This is enoughand nothing else is needed anymore. Neeraja

Namasté January

2024-02-01T10:54:28+01:001 February 2024|

An ancient familiar taste of belonging, the natural state of being. A touch of elegance of the inner dignity that comes directly from the eternal flow and gives us the real strength, the one that has its roots in the heart and never in the mind. Neeraja

Namasté November 1

2023-11-14T15:59:48+01:0014 November 2023|

Naturally watch the moment, without trying to change it at all. What is happening? What do you feel? What do you see? What do you hear?” Isn’t rather a ‘let it be’ rather than a ‘let it go’? Neeraja

Namasté October 3

2023-11-01T10:29:19+01:001 November 2023|

The abode of peace is called NOW. Whether you may feel lost, or far from your destination, or unsure about your next step, peace is there, walking with you as your own shadow, willing you on. Neeraja

Namaste October 2

2023-10-24T15:42:10+02:0024 October 2023|

When seeking relaxes into finding that is what meditation is. Meditation is realizing you are home and do not need to go anywhere else. The mind can take rest in the heart. You cannot make it happen, but you can fall into it. Neeraja

Namaste September 2

2023-10-02T21:33:26+02:0023 September 2023|

By accepting fully each and every aspects of our being, love expresses and declares itself and we become part of its beauty. In that embrace we feel a certain sense of belonging, a pure silence that surround us and nurture us. This is Dhyana. Neeraja

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