Highlights of the Meditation Retreat

1) We are prisoners of our own mind. The story teller inside our heads is constantly busy and we are trapped into interminable narration. This being busy creates infinte stories about ourselves and the world around us. The amazing thing is that we live into these stories much much more then in what really is in front of our eyes.

2) Now we are here…together…I am here apparently to teach you meditation…what I aspire for is to be able to transmit to you the peace that is already inside of you…my great aspiration is to be able to really have you experience the great silence and to realize that you are nothing of which appears but an immensity of beauty and love and joy

3) Lets put it this way: within the dream, the prison of your world appearance, here comes a woman who tells you that the world of painful contradictions, which you have created, is neither continuous nor permanent and is based on a misapprehension. She pleads with you to get out of it, by the same way by which you got into it. You got into it by forgetting what you are and you will get out of it by knowing yourself as you are.

4) The meditation I teach is to re-connect to what you are in truth.
And this you have to keep on remembering and applying the experience of it in your daily life continuously.

5) The essence of meditation is to be quite, so so quite that the quietness becomes crystal clear.

6) The fundamental thing to understand is not to give any attention to the story teller… meditation is not about adding fuel to fire…meditation is the time to cool down the thought process…
it’s not about trying to solve it …it’s not about even trying to analyze it…it’s a refocusing of attention… that’s really what it is…
it is just a re-focusing of attention…

7) So lets put it this way: there is a screen on which the film of me, the subject and all other mental object are projected…
Meditation is to discover that it is so…that there is a screen, a place of peace, a great silence, a field of beauty, so there is a screen on which the ‘me’ which is the subject with all the objects get projected…!
To really touch this truth is liberating….there all the confusion ends….and you remain watching all the appearance and disappearance of the objects arising in consciousness, including the appearance of the me, without any perturbation…without any conflict…
without any movement….

8) You are already the Self and there is only the Self. So trying to engage in a process to reach the Self is illusory. But on the other side just knowing you are the Self because you read it or heard it, this only fact doesn’t liberate you or make realize the Self.
If you search you don’t find if you don’t search you don’t find.
But what the practice does is to erase the impediments which stands in front of the Self.
The practice is itself an impediment, but it disappears, drops away when all other impediments have disappear.
The practice is like the stick used to stir the corpse that is burning on the funeral pyre. In the end, when only ashes are there, also this stick will be thrown in the fire.
The practice is also like a thorn that you pick up to remove another thorn which got into your foot, once the hurting thorn has been removed from your foot, you will thrown away both the thorns.

9) What is essential to understand is:
Yes, ok, mind is there…leave it alone! Just don’t give so much importance to your
thoughts! Really it is that simple! Don’t think while you think!

10) Meditation starts to really happen when the meditator falls away.

NOW you have reached the last destination! You are home where you have always been!


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