Excerpts from the Lion Heart Training Program

1) “If we continue to act out of ignorance of what we really are, we lose our self-control and are at the mercy of the continuous ebb and flow of attraction, aversion, and indifference. We are assaulted by thoughts regarding “me” and “mine” and remain trapped in the web of perpetual illusion. All this blocks our energy and gives rise to mental disturbances accompanied by anxiety and constant worries.
All ill health, be it physical or mental, manifests due to an imbalance of the five elements of our body: air, water, earth, fire, and space.
Body and mind are inseparable; the mind is the subtle body, which is after all part of the body.

99 percent of all physical disturbances arise from mental disturbances.”

“Mental confusion casts a fog over the path and makes us lose ourselves in the dark forest of confusion, where our vital forces are agitated and flow in the nadis in a disordered way. As a consequence, we either become drained or have an excess of energy. This leads to disorders of the metabolism: indigestion, excess or lack of appetite, and other unnatural functioning of our digestive system. The food we ingest is transformed into toxins and the natural movement of food inside the body becomes blocked. This gives rise to what we call “illness,” but we know that it started much earlier… when we got lost in the dark forest of our flawed and confused mental impressions.”

“There are remedies for all this.

Just like the myrobalan plum, noted for its laxative effects, makes the intestines move, there are remedies for overcoming ignorance, for making energy flow. Meditation, the recitation of mantras, and Seva (selfless service) are instruments used by seekers since time immemorial. These actions purify the mind and make us experience joy in our hearts. With joy, the kundalini flows in a natural way through the nadis. The digestion becomes regular again and illnesses cease.”

2) “This course is focused on becoming instruments of peace, understanding, and transformation in the world. It’s about learning how to extract compassion from our inner source and bring it into our lives.
The more love we give, the more love we receive, and the more we experience love within ourselves. When we evoke love within ourselves, we discover that it exists in every living being. To bring love into the world is to be involved; it’s a natural involvement with an awakened heart, the Heart of a Lion.”

3) “Try to imagine that you can see all the people you know, let them emerge in your memory. Imagine that you are seeing them as if they were divine, as if they were God. Your neighbor, your companion, your friends, your family. Does something change? What? What do you feel? What do you see? They are all Ram! What do you see? God is everywhere in everyone… because that’s how it is… everything is the Self!”
“Divine love is like the water that finds its way through the cracks in a rock to flow down the mountain. The Lion Heart will find its unique way to express itself in life.”
“When the “me” – separate and sad – finally gives space to love and to compassion, true joy is able to dawn. Just as behind every wave is the ocean, behind every “me” is vast love. The love is always here and continuously tries to find cracks it can flow between and thus come to the surface and connect.”

You already are the clarity you are seeking.

4) “Go back to your real nature and open your heart. Be emotionally available without grasping onto anything and without protecting yourself from anything. Put your full trust in yourself. This is a crucially important factor in spirituality.

In remaining open in the present and leaving the moment free to be just as it is, we can bypass the impulse of fear and control. If we want to bring wisdom and love into our lives, we need to recognize that our habit to do things on autopilot is what keeps us trapped in the past.

Separation is a kind of trance-like state. It keeps us stuck in the mud and glued to the movement of thoughts, sentiments, emotions, and memories that make us feel “I am me”.

The sense of separation will not evaporate until we look really well by investigating that sense of “me” discover that in reality no “me” exists.

Being one means truly and clearly seeing that you are the entire environment that surrounds you. You are the totality of what surrounds you.”


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