Happy Blessed Gurupurnima 2023

2023-07-03T09:32:51+02:003 July 2023|

Ignorance gives rise to desires. Desires give rise to the world. When you realize that ignorance itself does not exist, you will discover the illusoriness of your desires. As a result, the whole world becomes illusory and non-existent. What is the world? Whence did it come? Where does it abide? Papaji from Nothing Ever [...]

Namasté June1

2023-06-23T23:19:54+02:0023 June 2023|

Healing happens in an open heart, it is a gift of love. Really it is love that can heal anything, love is that intimate whisper that knows that all is okey… it is okey to let go. Neeraja

Namasté May 3

2023-06-09T20:22:14+02:009 June 2023|

The purpose of life is to find out who you really are and be happy, play and have fun! We are born with the right to be happy, with the right to enjoy life. We are not here to suffer. Who wants to suffer is welcome, but who will follow him? Neeraja [...]

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