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we are together, in this extraordinary moment in our life, in this time of great challenge for the whole human race and the planet itself.

Here we are, confronting ourselves with the truth of what we really are, that formless spirit  and also at the same time confronting ourselves with all that appears in the manifestation, in the world of forms.

The words of my Beloved Master Papaji keep ringing in my heart:
He says:
Do not touch what appears because soon it will disappear.

And also He says:
Everything is but a dream, do not get attached to the dream.
Everything that you see, comes and goes and it is not real find out who is the seer.

And also Lord Buddha words that says:
The form is the formless and the formless is the form.

And so now we are all thrown in this fast river of great changes of our habits and behaviours,
and we are all confronted to the limitations we have in our forms, it is fundamental that we find wisdom.

Wisdom is now becoming imperative in order to shift from this uprooting of the old into a new fresh stream of possibilities.
The main possibility we have is to stay in the silence of the heart.
To be grounded in the inner field of peace, and from there,  we can act in our daily lives from the best side we have.
Only from an open silent heart we can truly embrace with full compassion what life is now offering.

So, side by side with the great calamity and challenges we are all exposed to,  there is also a great opportunity of transformation.
It is an opportunity to mutate our consciousness adding a strong dosage of love, compassion, respect and reverence for life itself.

It is said:
When the water is muddy there is more fish.
So now in this time of sea storm we can really look in the mirror of consciousness and observe the contents of our mind, all the contractions mind is producing.
We may feel frightened, tired, worried or overwhelmed, yet even as we struggle to stay grounded and sane in the middle of our own inner challenges,  we are becoming aware that there are many people in society including friends, coworkers and family who urgently need our help!

Many of us may feel the enigma, ‘how can we find the inner resources to take care of ourselves and also at the same time be able to show up to help those who are in greater need then we are?’

How can we find the courage to love without limits confronting this global crisis if not …by surrendering… to the infinite power of an open silent heart?

It is such a great help now, to be able to restore your mind and your spirit in the emptiness of the heart, in that sense of being, that sense of pure existence that we all call I, the I am.
That I am that we all share in common, this sense of being  we feel inside in this presence, in this silence.
We need to restore the mind and and the spirit  staying connected to the I am, the I am that is free of any ideas and any images you may have about yourselves.

The time has come now to recognize and express this light that we are and that we feel inside.

The time has come now to shift from the idea of who we think we are, a consciousness confined in a specific form, a body, we need to shift into the universal consciousness of all forms.

The time has come now to take courage and strength in wisdom  and rise beyond any limit mind can create and fear can create.
Beloved Papaji often says: I know that you are lions!

And now I am telling you:
Rise Up! Be lions!
You are lions, do not fear!
Lions do not fear and they are not to be herded, they follow no paths, wherever they go they make their own path.

You are all lions, so, go your own way.
Do not walk the beaten truck like sheep, one after another, driven by fear.
Know that you are a lion, you are a free being, walk on the path of the heart.

Time has come now to stay in the truth of what you are.
Please let’s not become sheep.
Don’t follow any idea or notion or opinion.
Don’t look here and there.
Don’t look anywhere.
Stop looking.
Stop all your imagining of the future and fantasy of the past.

Keep yourself in this moment, which is no moment.
Find out where this moment is rising from,  where this thought is rising from, and you will see that there, is your real home, where you have always been,
and home is the cave of the heart,  the most safe refuge you can be.

And from here, from the heart,  you can extend your helping hand to the ones willing to accept it, from here every step you take is a step of beauty….

My dear friends the world needs our wisdom, our hearts, and our courage.
Let’s not touch what appears in the mind.
Do not buy what the mind is offering.
This is what being a lion means, to be a lion it means not to follow the beaten track.

There is a current, a divine current,  it is the current that knows the way! Find that current in the silence of the heart, follow that current of light which is the inner peace underneath every thoughts, every emotions, every memory, every feeling.

Stay here, where peace is, stay here, do not touch the mind.
This is what meditation is all about: you do not have to repress, nor to indulge or deny what the mind is projecting, but simply do not get involved, stay quiet and let all the alterations subside.

When the surface of the lake is agitated you do not see the reflection of the moon.

Let the mind calm down by not getting involved into the stream of anxiety and concern, let all objects of mind be as they are, let it be,
and stay quiet and silent in the peace.
It is natural and effortless.
And this is what meditation is, meditation and wisdom are of one essence, not different. Meditation is the essence of wisdom, and wisdom is the function of meditation.

We may not know the answer to why God is keeping everyone indoors, but it is for good reason.

We have the opportunity to a big transformation to find a new balance with ourselves and the whole planet, to reorient ourselves  towards what truly matters in life
and maybe we all will start afresh towards more harmony.

My Master says: I am with you wherever you are,  so my dear friends I am holding all of you in my heart, and in my prayers.
Stay safe, keep awake, be a lion!
Roar your wisdom.

May spiritual power, light and love be with all of us to make that transformation happen during this time of change.

One suggestion I can give to all of you:
take few minutes few times a day to breath in and out your heart center, in the chest, a bit more deeply a bit more slowly but in a way that it feels comfortable to you.
Follow an harmonious rhythm with each breath in and each breath out, visualising that it comes in  and goes out of your heart.
At the same time open the heart and listen, feel the inner silence, feel the stillness, and the peace that is already there.
Stay there, in that silence of the heart, underneath the noice of the mind, and when the mind is quite,
there, you can feel the reconnection with your real nature, with the truth of what you are, your own Self, the Self of every being in the universe.

Stay in that a deep sense of being, stay there, while you keep breathing in your heart gently, feel the peace and emanate that peace to your own body, to the people and animals and nature close to you,  and to the whole the planet.
Reconnect to that one Self which is the one Heart that we all share, the truth of our being, and embrace from there what life is offering.

May all the beings of the universe be in peace and love.
May there be peace!
Om shanti shanti shanti

Thank you

audio clip Online Meditation Meeting with Japanese translation