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How does it work

The online Meetings with Neeraja will take place on the Zoom platform.

Zoom is a software/platform built for various kinds of online meeting.

You can download it from your computer at

For the smartphone or tablet version of Zoom:

App Store :

Play Store:

Once Zoom is downloaded on your device, open it and create a free account by clicking on the link sign up and following the instructions.

The registration is completed when the Zoom app will ask you to join a meeting or enter your account page.

The ticket contains the link to register at the meeting.

In order to enter the meeting, registration is compulsory.

After the registration is complete, you will receive an email, called “Meeting with Neeraja” containing the link to access the meeting.

On the day of the meeting, you will receive an email, few hours before the meeting time,  containing the link to access Zoom, click on the link “click here to join”.

In case Zoom ask a password to access the meeting, you will find it inside the email registration confirmation you received.

Each participant can access the meeting through, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Kindly disable audio and video mode during the meeting.

Only in case you want to ask a question to Neeraja you can have access to the audio and then switch on the mike. The possibility of asking questions will happen during satsang: a space reserved for questions and answers.

Please write your request for asking a question on the chat window and Neeraja herself will invite you to join in.


How does Zoom work?2020-05-08T09:41:12+02:00

System requirements for Zoom:

An internet connection – broadband wired (5-10mbps in download)  or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE).
You can check your connection speed here
– PC with Windows 7and above, Mac OS X 10.6 and above
– Smartphone with iOS 8 (iPhone 4 and above, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 2 and above)
– Tablet iPad with OS 13 and above
– Smartphone/Tablet Android 5.0x and above
In the settings of your device you can see the version of the operative system
for more details consult zoom support page
The audio does not work2020-05-08T09:38:54+02:00

Make sure you have click on “join with computer audio” or “smartphone audio”.
If you still can’t hear, check that the audio of your device is on and volume is up.
If it does not work, quit Zoom and reopen it.

I register but did not receive the email confirmation, how do I join the meeting?2022-11-30T16:39:18+01:00

Contact the technical support before the meeting starts at
A link will be sent to you via email or whatsapp.

I deleted inadvertently the email to access the meeting2020-05-08T09:36:19+02:00

The email containing the link to access will be sent again few hours before the meeting. Check your spam box in case it is not in your inbox.
You can also register anew with the link present in the ticket.

I can’t access the meeting2020-05-08T09:42:57+02:00

You have to register to access the meeting. After registration, you will receive an email to access Zoom. Each email refers only to the meeting for which you registered. Please check that the confirmation email you received, containing the link to access, is correct and the date is right.

Cancellation and refund2022-11-30T16:42:54+01:00

The ticket can be 100% refunded up to 2 days before the meeting.
The request has to be made to

I paid through bank transfer, but I did not receive the ticket.2022-11-30T16:45:22+01:00

Please allow 2-3 days before you receive the ticket. After that period you can then contact

To facilitate the process, remember to send a copy of your bank transfer at the time of payment at the email address above.

If I loose the email with the ticket, what shall I do?2020-05-08T09:31:51+02:00

Contact the assistance at
If your purchase is registered in the system, the ticket will be emailed to you, please make sure you provide your order reference number.

How does the ticket works?2020-05-08T09:31:53+02:00

Once the purchase is completed, you receive the ticket by email. It contains the link for you to register at the meeting.

Payment facilities2020-05-08T09:31:58+02:00

Credit card: visa, amex, mastercard; Paypal or bank transfer.

Is it possible to buy tickets for several meetings at a time?2020-05-08T09:32:44+02:00

Sure! It is also an optimal solution to facilitate the meeting’s organization. Thank you.

An unforeseen event prevents me to participate: can I access the meeting contents later?2022-11-30T16:52:15+01:00

If you have purchased the Full Series or a Single Event, the replay will be available few days after the meeting.
Please send the request to

The meeting will be audio or video?2022-11-23T17:21:34+01:00

The meeting is in video mode.
The participants are asked to disable audio and video mode at all times.

To join the meeting do I need to have some knowledge on meditation?2020-05-08T09:24:37+02:00

Not necessarily, all are welcome.



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