Namaste – June 3

2022-06-21T09:04:20+02:0021 June 2022|

Real listening is the easiest transforming practice. To listen doesn’t mean to hear, to pay attention or to take notice. There is no special object on which attention lands. In real listening attention is global, it absorbs each and everything from the grossest to the subtlest, from the most obvious to the most hidden object [...]

Namaste – May 5

2022-06-01T11:56:18+02:001 June 2022|

Meditation is depthintensityand stay open to the possibilityto capture thatwhich spontaneouslyreveals itself.That which rises mysteriouslythat doesn’t pertainto ordinary consciousnessbut discloses somethingbeyond imagination. Neeraja

Namaste – May 3

2022-05-18T10:20:36+02:0018 May 2022|

“Be as you are” what does really means? Three words that require a life commitment. It means to be here as you are, be in the moment with no regret of the past and no expectation for the future. Neeraja

Namaste – May 2

2022-05-10T14:47:04+02:0010 May 2022|

Wherever you are, wherever you go, do you allow yourself to see the beauty, to feel the presence that is always here? Just for a moment, can you stop, and stay open to what really is here? How will it be if you give trust to the silence of the heart? Neeraja [...]

Namaste – April 4

2022-04-30T15:41:00+02:0030 April 2022|

Meditation is profundity and intensity and being open to the possibility of catching that which spontaneously reveals itself, that which mysteriously rises and doesn’t belong to ordinary consciousness but to what is beyond any imagination. Neeraja

Namaste – April 3

2022-04-19T19:06:51+02:0019 April 2022|

How is it when we are totally here, without giving rise to any thought? Without any reservation nor claim. Does the perception of the moment change? Everything rises and falls appears and disappears without cause without asking for permission without our decision. Every experience happens spontaneously and disappears spontaneously. Neeraja [...]

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