Namaste – December 2

2021-12-21T15:12:21+01:0021 December 2021|

Love denied becomes anger. Love given is a fertile ground for love to flourish. Love is not a feeling, but an act of courage. In love there cannot be any yesterdays nor tomorrows. It is beyond the confusion of mind. Love is the indweller of the kingdom of innocence. […]

Namaste – November 4

2021-11-23T09:16:14+01:0023 November 2021|

Meditation is love and is to be deeply connected to the heart and to the all that is. The original love that you can feel toward every thing around you. An unconditioned tie that has no demands and no expectations. Giving yourself fully in a priceless hug. […]

Namaste – November 3

2021-11-18T13:32:28+01:0018 November 2021|

Meditation is love and is to be as you are. An unmistakable presence of clear and deep contentment. A fragrant peace that naturally rests as a smile on your lips. An utter acceptance and joy unconditioned by events or conditions. […]

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