Namaste – September- 2

2022-09-21T12:49:51+02:0021 September 2022|

Being locked and isolated inside ideas and philosophy of life, holding on to the intellectual analysis, to the personal security based on beliefs, symbols and concepts, does not free us from conflict, but it traps us ever more, in the sense of separation. Neeraja

Namaste – September- 1

2022-09-13T10:25:56+02:0013 September 2022|

There is an inner place, a place of no-thinking, of no-imagination, of no-effort. When we find it there is no way back. It happens suddenly in an instant of time, but it cannot happen if we are trapped in being dependent on thoughts or to trying to not think. Neeraja [...]

Namaste – August- 5

2022-09-01T10:21:43+02:001 September 2022|

Meditation is about creating space and building up silence. We learn how to let the flow of life experiences through our body be attuned to joy and peace and live a free happy and wise life. Neeraja

Namaste – August- 4

2022-08-28T07:41:18+02:0028 August 2022|

Invitation to inner reflection: Am I aspiring to be free from mental tyranny? Is this aspiration still alive? How intense is it? Am I ready to take one hundred percent of the responsibility rather than keep on complain? Neeraja

Namaste – August- 2

2022-08-11T10:41:07+02:0011 August 2022|

What does it mean to you the word ‘freedom’? Maybe be free from something? Or have freedom of choices? Or may be to feel free to be and to do as you like? Or maybe to just ‘Be Free’? Can you stop and see, can you look deeply in yourself finding out: where are the [...]

Namaste – June 3

2022-06-21T09:04:20+02:0021 June 2022|

Real listening is the easiest transforming practice. To listen doesn’t mean to hear, to pay attention or to take notice. There is no special object on which attention lands. In real listening attention is global, it absorbs each and everything from the grossest to the subtlest, from the most obvious to the most hidden object [...]

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