Happy Holi!

The celebration of Holi is an expression of joy.

When we all spray ourselves with powder of colors all distinctions disappear…

we all look alike… all stained… 😁
Immersed in colors the mind becomes one with love.
Only the awakened doesn’t need any shade to feel joy…
his bliss is stainless; it remains untouched and immaculate even in the mist of a dust storm.

The celebration of Holi allow us to feel free to lovingly and happily sprinkle powder colors on everyone we meet in the street.
There are no ill-feeling and no need to defend oneself.

It is a free full immersion into happiness.
To celebrate Holi today is more than ever a wonderful message of unconditioned love, compassion, universal friendship, enthusiasm and equality.

Hari Om Tat Sat