Once a devotee who was raising two baby cheetahs in his house brought them in the ashram to Bhagavan.
The two cubs were happily welcomed by Sri Ramana and ever playful and at ease they not only moved freely amongst the people in the Darshan Hall.
They also climbed on to the sofa of Bhagavan and with his benevolence they fall soundly sleeping there.
For most of the time Sri Ramana was restrained at one small corner of the sofa to allow the two cubs to sleep comfortably and happily.
The two baby cheetahs stayed for two good hours soundly sleeping next to the great sage.
In the afternoon Sri Ramana used to go for a walk on the hill and so he left the two baby cheetahs sleeping on his sofa.
Some devotees took also photos of the cheetahs that lately were published in The Sunday Times.
The wonder of it was seeing cheetah cubs lay down happily on the sofa, overpowered by sleep at the touch of Bhagavan’s hands.
While they were there, the squirrels came and ate nuts and the sparrows came and ate broken rice as usual.
There are stories related in the Puranas and other great scriptures of a visionary time when animals and birds keep company without enmity and suggest that such scenes only occur in the presence of a rishi.
Here is an instance of the very scene timelessly alluded to, appearing quite naturally in Bhagavan’s Darshan Hall.