For about twenty-five years
Papaji followed the path
of the repetition of the Name.

He affirms:
“The real Name of God
is indistinguishable for God Himself.
When one finds God in the Heart,
one finds God’s Name.
God’s original unutterable Name
is the source of all manifestation”.

“The Name is the form of the formless.
We dwell with descriptions of names and forms
and not with that state in which
the described is not different from the describer.
Descriptions come from the senses,
and when we attend
to what the senses are telling us,
we become absorbed in emotional responses.
But when the Name is uttered,
when It is heard in the Heart,
there is nothing: nothing to be involved in,
nothing to get emotional about,
nothing to get attached to,
nothing to depend on”.

“When you first repeat
the name of Ram,
you say it with your mouth.
It is a sound.
Before it became a sound, it was a thought.
The thought came from your mind,
and the mind came from the Self.
Trace it back:
from the sound to the thought to the mind
and finally to the Self.
Go right back to where
the original Name is sounding.
Let no thought arise from that place.
Just let the Name repeat Itself there.
Here, in this place, is the true darshan of Ram.
The Name is the substratum.
Study the mind
so that you can separate yourself from it”.

Wherever your mind is fixed in non-attachment,
that place is the abode of the Lord.
The Name Itself is the physical vision of God.
The experience of the Name
in the primal ego is shanti that is peace”.

Nothing Ever Happened